“RIJIT 2012″ which was organized by Yıldız Technical University Construction Society for the first time on 12th-13th of March 2012 lasted two days with seminars and ended with excursions to construction sites. It attracted academics and students attention so YTU Construction Society could not be oblivious to this interest and The Board of that year had decided to improve this project year by year and make it a “Mark Porject” among similar projects like it. In RIJIT 2013 YTU Construction Society got the same reaction like previous year from participants and they invited so many experienced and famous CEO’s and Academics to meet them with Yıldız Technical University’s Civil Engineering Students. After a year The General Board of 2014 decided to changed the name of project as “Civil Istanbul” since we had become more professional and international society and also since our university placed value on English education. Civil Istanbul 2014, which had excursions to construction sites, social responsibility projects and social events, was more extensive than the previous ones. By this project so many civil engineering students from all over Turkey met in Istanbul. Civil Istanbul 2014 became a centre of attention by supports and participation of TAV, ENKA, STFA, ALARKO, GAP which are on top of the list. Regarding to all these positive feedbacks and good reputation “Civil Istanbul” achieved to be the most prestigious project among its precedent.

By Civil Istanbul 2014 expectations by participants and supporters increased a lot so YTU Construction Society make spectacular moves in order to respond those expectations and develope this project more and more.

Yapı Kulübü has signed great sucesses with “Civil Istanbl 2015″ and “Civil Istanbul 2016″. Hundreds and hundreds people has participated to these great organisations. 

This year “Civil Istanbul 2017″ will take place between 14th and 20th of March for the foreigner participants. You will have some events as conferences, workshops, visiting construction sites, human resources stands  with supports and participations  of big companies that are on top of list. Moreover, participants will have a certificate that they can use on their CV which has confirmation by YTU.

And of course fun is one of the biggest part of Civil Istanbul. A lot of parties, city tours, gifts, concerts and surprises are waiting for you. Participants of this event will spend a week with fascinating beauty of Istanbul.

Above all, you are gonna make memorable friendships.

The participants of project as a conferencier are CEO’s or directors of companies which have so many specific projects in Turkey or in abroad, Turkish or foreign academics who are specialist on their fields, and consultants of civil engineering companies. The purpose of Civil Istanbul is that get civil engineering students and CEO’s, directors, academics together and by this way make civil engineering students learn something useful for their career from these special people’s experiences or knowledges by asking everything that they are curious about. Also students are able to make job application or able to have chances to find internship.

While we are selecting to topics of seminars, we search to civil engineering sector carefully and try to find out useful and precious topics so that participants can improve theirselves and keep track to innovation of civil engineering world.